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outer layer:
- 82% polyamide - 18% lycra.
- double knit fabric for greater protection.
- light and resistant at the same time.

Inner layer, correspondence to ffp2:
- 100% cotton.
- Hypoallergenic and comfortable.
- Meets the specifications of the new une 0065 standard (hygienic masks)
- Efficiency of aerosol filtration over 94% - according to une-en 14683 (surgical masks)
- Particle filtration efficiency over 96% according to the une-en149 standard (fpp2 filtration equivalent)
- Resistance to the penetration of liquids and bacteria, complies with the provisions of en-13975
- It also resists abrasion, breakage and tension according to en-13795 standard

Features Turbo 2 Face Mask

  • Color: Multicolor